Eligibility and Requirements

To assist your school with the PACER application we have put together a summary of the steps required, including information about your requirements for receiving assistance.

Eligibility and Requirements

To have your application and rebate processed efficiently, it is vital that your school completes all paperwork correctly and within the required time frame.

Please note, applications should be made at least three weeks prior to the excursion.

  1. To be eligible for PACER, students must be enrolled with a recognised education provider (generally a school) 150km or more away from Canberra GPO and be part of a school excursion group whose principle purpose for travelling to Canberra is to enhance student learning in civics and citizenship education. School groups whose principal purpose for visiting the National Capital is to engage in sporting or social activities are NOT eligible for PACER.

    Students that are home-schooled may be eligible for a PACER rebate. To be eligible, the home-school must be registered with the relevant state or territory authority at the time of application. Home school students may be placed with other school groups whilst undertaking tours at the national institutions. All other PACER program eligibility and requirements must be adhered to.

  2. A student is only eligible for the subsidy once per calendar year and the onus is on the school to ensure that each student for whom the funding is claimed has not, to the best of the schools knowledge, received the subsidy previously. Teachers and other adults accompanying the students are not eligible for the rebate.


  3. Determine your travel dates and ensure you can make bookings at Parliament House (Guided Tour and where possible a role play in the Parliamentary Education Office), Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House and/or National Electoral Education Centre and the Australian War Memorial. It is recommended you book well ahead of time as your itinerary requires participation in programs at these institutions.

  4. Prior to the trip, teachers must ensure civics and citizenship is being taught from the current curriculum in class in preparation for the visit and on completion of the trip resources used or equivalent must be provided.

  5. Complete the PACER Application Form and submit it along with a copy of your confirmed travel itinerary. Applications should be made at least three weeks prior to the excursion. Funding is limited therefore it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible.

  6. If your application is approved your school will receive an approval letter, visitation forms that need to be stamped by the institutions you visit and if applicable a bank details form. Up to six weeks from the conclusion of your trip your school is required to return the stamped visitation forms, a published acknowledgement in your school newsletter that recognise the support of the Australian Government through the PACER contribution and the unit of work the students were studying leading up to the trip.

Please remember PACER Eligibility and Requirements require students to be taught the current Civics and Citizenship education resources in preparation for the visit and that either before or after the trip the unit/course outlines or equivalent are provided.

Please remember that schools that travel together or different campuses that travel together must apply separately.

If you require additional information, please read our FAQ section, or contact us.

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