Below is some information on Rebate rates for the PACER program.

If you require assistance with your PACER application please click here to contact us with your questions.

The program operates as a rebate which is paid directly to schools after they have met the eligibility requirements for funding. The payment is a subsidy and is not meant to cover all costs. Distances are calculated by road to Canberra using the most favourable travelling routes which are not necessarily the shortest. Google Maps will be used to determine this. Funds are allocated on a per student basis at rates varying according to distance travelled.

Distance from Canberra Standard Rebate Amounts  Rebate Amounts 2023
150–499 kilometres $20 $30
500–999 kilometres $30 $45
1,000–1,499 kilometres $60 $90
1,500–1,999 kilometres $100 $150
2,000–2,499 kilometres $150 $225
2,500–2,999 kilometres* $200 $300
3,000–3,999 kilometres $310 $465
4,000 kilometres and over $340 $510

* Zone 6  (2500 – 2999klm) includes all students from Tasmania because of additional air/sea travel expenses.

# A similar adjustment of $120 per student will be paid to schools on other islands in remote locations as determined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in its classification of Remoteness.

Which schools on islands are eligible for the additional $120 payment?

Islands with schools eligible for the additional payment include Christmas and Cocos Islands, Kangaroo Island, Tiwi Islands, Torres Strait Island and Lord Howe Island. Contact the PACER team if you think you might be eligible.

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