To be eligible schools are required to participate in PACER approved programs with at least three of the four Mandatory PACER Institutions. More information is provided below.

Home schools applying for PACER need to complete the online application form. Complete the ‘Visit’ tab with dates and times of visits to the institutions. Please attach a copy of your confirmed itinerary/booking confirmations along with your home school certificate for each student and a copy of the unit of work that was being studied in class re civics and citizenship.

The current PACER eligibility requirements state that schools must visit at least three of the four mandatory institutions and the principle purpose of the tour must be to enhance student learning in civics and citizenship education.

If in the event that a mandatory institution is fully booked, then a PACER program at an alternative institution may be booked. Written evidence that the mandatory institution is fully booked is required for this to be deemed eligible.

The mandatory and alternative institutions and their PACER approved programs are listed at Attachment A.

If a mandatory institution is fully booked or a timeslot cannot be secured, written evidence that the mandatory institution is fully booked out or is not available is required for this to be deemed eligible.

Written evidence must be submitted by any of the below methods:

  • Email confirmation of reservation in each institution or email confirmation that requested bookings are not available
  • Written receipts from either the national Institutions or the Book Canberra Excursions (clear screen shot of this is acceptable).

Schools must also meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Applications must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the excursion.
  • Applications must ensure that the Primary email is the school’s email address then any subsequent emails under secondary email section.
  • School’s travelling together need to submit their own separate application and have correct itinerary (ie: schools letterhead or schools name) along with correct student numbers.
  • When submitting your application please ensure that all Institutions, session times, dates and student numbers are inserted in the ‘Visit’ tab of the application This needs to be done so the online verification of student numbers at the institutions can be entered. (This information is reported to the education department).

Student numbers verified by:

  • Each PACER approved institutions (either mandatory or alternative) visited during the excursion in Canberra will verify student numbers via the online app. (No longer required stamping of visitation forms).

Schools need to make bookings directly with institutions or through tour operators. The service provider, The BUSY Group, does not assist with bookings.

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